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  • In addition to the preprocessing issue I mentioned in the other thread, I also had a question about the chord transitions matrix. Since the Songsmith data model treats a "measure" as the duration associated with a single sonority, and lead sheets only indicate where the chords change, I'm wondering if the chord transitions model doesn't account at all for chords continuing for multiple measures, in the traditional sense of the word. (I do realize that the user can add "chordless" measures.) What might happen if the model defined a (MySong) measure as never spanning multiple (traditional) measures, such that it handled the continuation of a chord across the bar line as a separate "transition?" (Maybe it would just spit out long strings of the tonic chord?)

    Edit: This project seems to do that.

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  • You're absolutely right that this is a shortcoming in Songsmith, and you've hit the nail on the head with "spit out long strings of the tonic".  If you allow for "self-transitions" (repeated chords), you have to do a bunch of tricks to make sure you don't fall back on the tonic all the time, and we didn't have time to do those tricks when we were developing Songsmith.  As you suggested, you can achieve this manually by changing and locking chords, or by locking a chordless measure.

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