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  • In trying to implement FindWindow & FindWindowEx I was surprised to discover that neither use the actual name of the window to return the handle.  In the case of FindWindow the parameter searched for is the window "caption"; in the case of FindWindowEx (when searching for a TextBox) the parameter must be the contents (TextBox_Name.Text) of the Textbox to return it's handle.

    Given that the contents of a TextBox are fluid, why does FindWindowEx use the contents to return the handle as opposed to the actual TextBox name?

    Format: wHdl = FindWindow(Parent_wHdl, "ThunderRT6Textbox", "Some text?")

    Is there another Win32 API that returns a TextBox (or other window) based on the actual name of the window not the caption, or contents?


    Sunday, June 10, 2018 11:35 PM