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  • I have a mega challenge for anyone who thinks they are a true computer wiz.   

    Using Vista Home Premium, sp2, 32 bit, on Toshiba Satalite A135

    I have tried for days to find a solution for why I can't run auto diagnostic software "MR FIXIT" or "MICROSOFT FIXIT"  I have downloaded multiple versions of the software and saved it, but when I try to run it I am stopped.  The following message appears:  "toubleshooting cannot continue b/c an error has occurred.  An error has occurred while downloading one or more components and the troubleshooter cannot be run."

    Now it seems to me that I can download just fine b/c I am saving the file on my hard drive, but when I open the saved file I run into trouble.

    These versions I have tried most recently:
    • microsoftfixit.program.installuninstall.rnp.84258196752136210.7.1.run
    • microsoftfixit.program.installuninstall.run
    • microsoftfixit.winsecurity.fisc.8425861308153696.4.1.run
    • microsoftfixit.wu.fisc.8425861308153696.4.2.run
    • 852581157233326805.5.1.run

    I want to be able to run the diagnostic downloads and can't run any of them.  So my challenge is set before the supreme rulers of the computer universe.  Who will step up and slay the beast???

    Thursday, April 26, 2012 5:19 PM

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  • Same problem with my Vista - Fix It is a Problem itself so i will probably uninstall it ¬
    Thursday, May 3, 2012 7:43 PM