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  • Hello, I have a question I have number of table for example:

    Sub1(Id, Id2,Id3)

    Sub2(Id, Id2,Id3)

    Sub3(Id, Id2,Id3)

    SomeTable(Id, Id2,Id3, Sub1_Id, Sub2_Id, Sub3_Id) – Where Sub1_Id is Primary Key of Table Sub1 etc.

    I am trying to sync “Sub1”, “Sub2”, “Sub3” and “SomeTable” tables by setting filter on each table.

    I am created scope containing these tables with filter. The problem is the following:

    If a new entity is added to “SomeTable” it will not be synced since its id is not in the current scope so I need to create new scope containing this row and delete previous scope. As a result I get previous data sync once again

    For example first scope had 3 results in the first sync , next sync “SomeData” containing 6 rows. I am creating new scope, dropping previous one and syncing as a result 6 new entities are added (including 3 which were already synced).

    How can I ensure that previous data will be not synced?

    Or should I use some another technic , or maybe I am doing something wrong







    Sabi Reuven
    Sunday, July 24, 2011 8:15 PM

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  • when you removed a scope, all sync knowledge about what was synched is removed as well. so when you provision a new scope, it has no idea about the previously synched rows.

    perhaps you might want to clarify the filter on "SomeTable" to help us understand better what it is that is not included in the initial filtered scope that you are trying to bring in to in-scope.

    Monday, July 25, 2011 3:05 AM