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  • Ok, I am new to the whole reporting side of CRM, but I got a very specific request.  I'm trying to set up a report, that is only run for specific people (determined dynamically by a sql statement) and run on a schedule.

    Here's the backgroud information.  I have created created a new many-to-many relationship between the User and  the Account, and called it favorites.  The idea being you can create an association between you and this account.  Now I have a report, that I built in vs 2005, that runs a query of the database.  Each user specifies the frequency of they want to receive the report.  Daily or weekly.  They are then to receive the report either daily or weekly and see all accounts that have been modified since the last report, or had activities created since the last report. 


    I have the report and it works, I deployed it to a separate report server and with a internal data source to our CRM server it works.  I even developed the sql to determine who gets a copy of the report for both the daily subscription and weekly subscription.   I've tested them all and they work. 

    Now I'm trying to move the report into CRM and having problems.  I've imported it fine, but whenever I try to schedule the report and set it up to the schedule I get to the parameters level and am not given any options to use a dataset like report manager would allow.  I have no way of specifying the contents of that field other than to statically enter it and that won't work.  I also am never given the chance to specify who the report should be run for.

    Any thoughts.  On how I can do this in the application?  Or does it have to be done via the reports manager on the CRM database server?

    Monday, April 5, 2010 5:43 PM


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