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  • We're currently running some integration between GP and CRM and have a few questions related to the Connector:

    1) Mapping to a custom CRM lookup

    -We have a custom lookup called CustomerType in GP on the Customer form that we've also added to the CRM Account form.  We created a new CustomerType entity in CRM to store these values and manually imported the values from GP using Excel.  Looking at the related CustomerType field in Connector on the 'GP Customer To Account' map there are two options for mapping this field: Dynamics Integration Key & Id.   Given that we originally imported these records using Excel, the dynamics_integrationkey field in the CRM CustomerType lookup table is NULL, so that option can't be used for mapping.  This leaves the second field, Id, which I'm assuming is looking for the GUID of the record?  I haven’t been able to find any examples for how we can get the ID of a custom lookup using Connector so I was wondering how this is accomplished?

    2) Filtering maps

    -It doesn't look like any filters we add to a map are working.  For example, I created a filter on the 'GP Sales Order to Order' integration where I specified a hardcoded value for the Customer ID.  However, after resetting the "Check for data modified after" date to 12/31/1899 and Activating the integration, it shows all Orders as found in the "Currently Running field" and starts integrating all the orders in the system.  Has anyone seen this before?

    3) Copying complex mappings

    -The native mapping for the 'GP Customer To Account' integration doesn't map the main CRM phone number.  However, phone number fields are mapped in the Customer Address section.  Here is the "Main Phone" mapping from that section:

    =If(GreaterThan(Length(All Addresses\Customer Address\Phone 1\Phone Number), 10), Replace(Replace(All Addresses\Customer Address\Phone 1\Phone Number, "[^0-9]", ""), "(\d{3})(\d{3})(\d{4})(\d{0,4})", "($1) $2-$3 Ext. $4"), Replace(Replace(All Addresses\Customer Address\Phone 1\Phone Number, "[^0-9]", ""), "(\d{3})(\d{3})(\d{4})", "($1) $2-$3"))

    Given this complexity, I thought I would just copy and paste this into the unmapped phone number field.  Unfortunately, when I do this I receive the following error:  You must fix the following before enabling this map: 1 validation error.  Does the Connector not allow for copying formulas from one mapped field to another?

    4) IsDefault() and Default() functions

    -I've seen these functions used in various default mappings.  For example, the "Price List" field in the 'GP Customer To Account' integration uses the functions in the following mapping:

    =If(IsDefaultValue(Price Level ID\Price Level ID), DefaultValue(), Concatenate(Price Level ID\Price Level ID, " - ", If(IsDefaultValue(Currency ID\Currency ID), "USD", Currency ID\Currency ID)))

    While I understand the overall logic that's being used here, I don't know how the DEFAULT functions are operating.  Is it determining a Default in CRM or GP, and if so how it doing this?  How do we know when we can use these functions?

    Any help is appreciated.

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