I want to obtain some information about msdn.microsoft.com RRS feed

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  • where can I use those encodes in msdn.microsoft.com?

    what is the meaning of msdn? what is the meaning of msdn windowsxp? what is the meaning of msdn visual studio? I dont know where can I use the encodes. Can I learn the facilities of encodes?

    I dont know any thing about how to make programming. I just want to improve performance and it needs to know too many encodes I found ready encodes encodes in msdn.microsoft.com and I want to copy and paste them.


    xp sp3

    Thursday, July 22, 2010 1:30 PM


  • What do you mean by encodes, in msdn.microsoft.com ?

    I guess the meaning of MSDN (Microsoft Developer network) is to work as a bridge between developers and as a huge resource with documentation inforamtion articles etc etc.

    MSDN/WindowsXp is probabliy information, articles, documentation, develeoper forums etc related to Windows Xp, as same as MSDN Visual Studio it related to everything that has to do with Visual Studio.

    What do you want to improve performance ON? If you have a web server/site/page that you want to make faster, often that is connected to database calls and small bandwidth. Remember that the website msdn.microsoft.com is hosted on several hundered (?) servers and Microsoft have a VERY good internet connection.

    Best regards Arild Røksund, Norwegian developer (SQL & .net), Omega AS (please Vote as helpful if helpful)
    Wednesday, July 28, 2010 7:09 AM