Serious incident with tech support RRS feed

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  • Today I called MS TECH SUPPORT at 800 642 7676

    I needed help upgrading from W8 to W8.1.

    I was given the Case id-1312063459 which was typed into my laptop by the tech.

    But the tech said he could not help me do that upgrade.

    He advised me to call 800-936-4900 for that type of assistance.

    A call to that number produced a recorded message telling me that “after hours support was billed at $499” and then asked me to set up an account.

    A later call to 800 642 7676 put me in touch with a Supervisor named Brad who told me “the tech did not do that”. Interesting because Brad was very defensive and had no time to talk with any tech, They didn't even ask for my case number.

    Naturally I would appreciate a direct response from Microsoft on this very serious incident.

    I chose Windows Tools forum because there was no windows option given here.

    Saturday, November 7, 2015 9:20 PM