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  • A.M. check of WHS overnight backup showed an error message that disappeared too fast to record, excepting that it was about a failure concerning backup of an ".fs" file, foldershare, I presume.  As well,

    one of the three hard disks running under WHS was also totally trashed.  Even the listing of the disk in the Console, Server Storage, had garbage in the title .


    Repair or Removal would not respond, so I physically removed the disk.  Next, WHS started giving error messages "...cannot open because the following file is blocking it", "homeserverconsoletab.storage.dll". 


    The help message suggests a KB article and I went through all the steps except erasing my backups.  I intreject to the WHS Team that Rule #1 of all backup software is "Data is Inviolate!".  The neccessity for an option to erase backup data should never occur.


    Several times I am getting the message to contact Product Support; getting to that page is a request for $80!  WHS is obviulsy a work in progress, even though I paid full price for it.  I shold not be paying for an unfinsihed product.  How do I contact support without paying?


    I added a new .5T HDD and removed a smaller one, both using Console disk management; this seemed to go OK.  The I ran repair again: this round a few seconds after pressing "Repair" the Console completely and suddenly disappears, totally.  Bringing it up again with the button reproduces the same result.


    One suggestion I found on Google for the dll problem was to erase the OS disk before installing.  How would that effect the backup data? Are there any indexes or other essential material on the C: drive?


    Please advise.  WHS no longer backs up and cannot be seen by the other compters on the LAN.


    Friday, August 22, 2008 5:45 PM


  • Hi,

    It sounds as though you have corrupt server system files. The Console you see on a Client, is only a glorified Remote Desktop, pulling all the information from your server.

    The easiest method of recovery, is to do a server re-Install. This just means booting from the server DVD, and selecting the re-install option. This will format the C: drive and re-install the operating system. All your backups and Shared Folders are left untouched. At the end of the re-install, it might appear to have frozen, however it is just rebuilding all the pointers to your existing data, so if you have a lot of data, can take quite some time. After completion, you will need to re-add your Clients and any Add-Ins/customisations you may have done.


    As far as backups are concerned, WHS is designed on the premise that these are there for Client disaster recovery, not as a method of long term storage. So in fact, deleting backups, then just running 'backup' from a connected Client, is a legitimate method of operation. However, I along with others, are using the Add-In that backs up your backups (!) to another disk, so again, deleting backups, and then restoring them,  just isn't a great problem.



    Friday, August 22, 2008 6:12 PM