WHS Connector Console Won't Connect RRS feed

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  • I have prowled various threads related to this topic but haven't found one yet that solves my problem. I am running a home built server with an Athlon II proc, 2 GB memory and 6 TB of storage. It has been working relatively problem free for about 18 months. 

    I cannot connect through WHS Connector from any of the 3 client computers (1 - XP, 2 - W7). However, I can easily navigate to the shares through explorer and I continue to get the reminder that Migrator is not running (I have it scheduled with a batch file). I am pretty sure it is continuing to back up the clients because I am not getting warnings about failed back ups. 

    Here is what I have tried so far:
    • rebooting clients, server and router (individually and simultaneously in various combinations)
    • pinging server IP (static) and host name (both work fine)
    • running Connector Troubleshooter
    • reinstalling WHS Connector on each client (based on recommendation of Troubleshooter)

    I do not have Remote Desktop enabled so I can't try getting in that way (that I know of).

    Over the weekend I made a couple of changes that I suspect must have something to do with the problems I am experiencing
    • Added a new share folder - not duplicated. I have done this numerous times without incident.
    • Changed some settings in System Performance Options (using the Admin Console add-in) in an effort to overcome some stuttering/interruptions when streaming video - changed Processor Scheduling to Programs and added a new Paging File in the D:[Data] partition.
    • Unchecked the Remote Desktop option in the Remote tab of System properties thinking it only related to RDP. I suspect this last one might be the culprit, but don't know how to resolve it without getting in through WHS Console.

    Any ideas? Thanks. 
    Tuesday, March 8, 2011 9:11 AM