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    Our customer has Dynamics CRM 4.0 (ur 21) and some time ago SSRS connector "broke". Reports were (and are) working directly from the reporting service but not from CRM. We tried some things, and finally decided to uninstall and install SSRS Connector. Uninstalling gave a warning, witch we don't unfortunately have recorded. Now we are unable to install the connector back, and are getting a bit desperate. The problem exists only on the production server. Installer account is local admin to both SQL and CRM servers and should also have required rights to AD groups needed. It also is CRM deployment admin.

    Installer just doesn't do anything after starting to check system requirements, environment checks is last thing shown in the installer. Installer log doesn't show any errors.

    Last message recorder to the SSRS connector's installation log is: Info| Check ConfigDatabaseExistsValidator: Success

    From event log we see error "Failed to connect to server. Error: 0x800401F0" and after that info that installation succeeded (!), even though the installer is still running. Nothing get's installed. With process monitor we see that threads have exited but don't see (or don't understand enough to see) any other helpful information. We also tried to install with windows installer set to log in verbose mode, but there aren't any errors in those logs. 

    We can see with SQL profiler that sysdatabases is successfully accessed, but no requests (audit failures profiled also) are made to the CRM's configuration database. SQL server is on cluster, SSRS installed to one instance, let's call it SQL01.

    We are installing with an installation file:

     <Patch update="true"></Patch>
     <InstallDir>c:\program files\Microsoft CRM SSRS Connector</InstallDir>
        <!-- Set enabled = true for DB webstore integration.  Set configdb="true" for config db webstore integration-->
        <webstore enabled="false" configdb="false" />

    We have tried changing this file but got no results. When there are errors in this configuration file, we seem to get proper error messages. Instance name is checked from SSRS configuration. The SQL server can't be connected directly with server name, so cluster's name has to be used as configuration database server name. Could this somehow be the problem and what could we do? If we look with SQL Server Management Studio, CRM configuration database is on SQLCLUSTER and reporting services on SQL01\REPORTSERVICE.

    Any pointers what we could try? Other than just disregard SSRS connector and configure the thrust between servers.

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    Monday, March 24, 2014 8:43 AM