Replaced Home Server, Now can not connect any PC's. RRS feed

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  • Previously had WHS 2011 installed on a machine; needed machine for another project. Built a new machine and installed WHS 2011 on new machine. Used different Server names. Deleted old software from all home PC's. Manually deleted Windows Server folders in program files and ProgramData\Microsoft on PC's. Removed two different registry entries for Windows Server on PC's. Ran CCleaner on all PC's. Tried with IPv6 on and off. Tried with Homegroup enabled and disabled. Verified SYSTEM permissions has full control on Server. Have tried with WHS activated and unactivated. All PC's have Win 7 64 bit OS. I can see the HomeServer on the network, and from the server I can see all the PC's on the network. Connector software makes it to about 95% then the little green bar goes backwards to 0 and tells me it has encountered an unexpected error and will undo most of the installation.

    I have googled, read and tried all options I can find. I have finally given up. Is there one genius out there that can advise a conquered soul!

    Monday, October 7, 2013 4:29 AM