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  • Cut to the chase: Is there something similar to Firefox's Firegestures add-on for ie8?  More below:

    A couple of years ago I switched over to Firefox.  (Mostly due to security concerns and speed issues).  Got rather used to Firefox but when I heard the news that internet explorer 8 was being released this week I thought I'd give microsoft another shot.  So far I like what I see.  It appears to be more secure and faster.  I also like some of the new features like the accelerators. 

    However, there is one add-on that Firefox had that I miss a lot which is firegestures.  Firegestures allows you to simply right-click and then drag left or right to forego hitting the back and forward buttons.  (You could also open tabs/windows, close tabs/windows, etc but I rarely used these.) 

    It's been a few years since I've been a regular ie user and I really am trying to give microsoft another chance and learn more about the new browser.  But at the same time everytime I get on the internet I hesitate before I click 'the little e' - just because I know to navigate pages I'll have to move my cursor way up to the upper left corner.  (I know I'm lazy!)

    p.s.  Just an observation that I noticed since I've been typing - one more feature that ie8 seems to be lacking is a spell-checker which Firefox has. 
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