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  • Any thought to adding fucntionality to set a message classification based on Reply All, Reply, Forward flag?  I'd like to be able to set a message as Company Internal if someone sets NoReplyAll to Yes.  The use case is, we have meetings tracked in CRM including external attendees that we do not want delivered externally (to those external attendees).  We currently can block the message's delivery based on the fact that it is a Calendar message, and does not contain our disclaimer signature.  What we cannot block is someone selecting Reply All to a meeting request.  Yes, we can use this NoReplyAll add-in to prevent someone from doing this in Outlook, but not if they are using a mobile device.  To do this, we would need some flag or designation that a Hub Transport Rule could identify and take action on.  The message Classification is one we could use (Company Internal being on of our options).
    Friday, April 12, 2013 6:27 PM

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  • What do you mean by "classification" here - looking at Outlook's ribbon, the closest concept I see is the categories button & dropdown; is that the same thing? If it is, yes it would be possible to set a category when the no-reply-all button was pressed, but what would prevent the user from removing it before forwarding or replying (say, on some device that pays no attention to the no-reply-all, etc. flags)? Would it be robust enough to do what you want?

    Would it be easier to maintain two distribution lists - internal people, and everybody (the latter including the former list as one entry, so that you don't repeat names)? Would it be as easy to choose the appropriate list as to set a classification or no-reply-all?

    Let me see if I understand the scenario: you have some distribution lists which include both internal and external people, but sometimes you want to send messages (meeting requests only, or other message types too?) to just internal people; and you're currently using a heuristic of calendar entry and no signature to block the propagation, yes? What is it that's blocking the send - some server-side rule? (Sorry, I'm definitely not an Exchange expert, so don't know how these things work.) And what you really want is to set a flag on the message/calendar entry (your classification/category) as a more explicit means of indicating that the message should be internal only; and you want to tie setting that classification to the no-reply-all button as a convenience? Is that right, or am I misinterpreting?

    Saturday, April 13, 2013 1:12 PM