calling plugins from Account Form CRM 2013 via click of a button or through WF? RRS feed

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  • Hi Is it possible to execute a plug-in from a CRM 2013 online form - say Account Form.   I have a program (plugin) that does the business logic but it needs the Entity Guid.  Only way I could do this, by registering this plugin on a Account record create or update event. Some times, the record is inactive, then we are unable to execute the logic?

    So for example, on an inactive account record, say from the result of inactive accounts window, I can select a record, and it would be nice, if I can click on a button (and have some type of JavaScript that retrieve that record's GUID and call the plugin?). May be in CRM 2013 there is a better way.. appreciate any expert comments on this?

    Friday, June 13, 2014 12:06 PM

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