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  • Hi,

    i want to have accounts, contacts and groups (of contacts).
    My wish is, to have a relationship from contact to contact und make a new form "group of contacts" on which i relate to contacts, that are the contacts in this Group.

    for your info. I do not prefer to do it in another/new entity "Group", because of the number of lookups that are possible to account, contact, Group.
    If i have a custom entity and it must be possible to link to a contact, or an account, or a Group .. i have to create 3 different lookups on the custom entity form.

    I tried to do the above, but there are different Problems understanding the self referential 1:n / n:n relationships.

    1) If i creat a 1:n relationship from contact to contact, there is a lookup. This is rejected, because

    - a contact can be in many Groups of contacts
    - a Group of contacts can have many contacts

    If i understood right, this means, that a n:n relationship is needed.

    2) So i created the n:n from contact to contact an on one side i named it "Group of contacts" (the side which Shows from the contact (f.e. customer) to the Groups, in which this contact is in .. and on the other side i named it "members (contacts) of the Group (of contacts)".

    So far so good. I thought .. ok, this sounds good, but...

    No matter what i try and do, i can only see one side of the n:n title (Name), f.e. "Group of contacts" ...
    but i neeeeeeed to Show on the customer (contact) -Form: the side "alle the Groups of contacts (in which this customer (contact) is a member) ... and on the other side, this is the "Group of contacts"-Form .. i Need to Show the other side of the n:n, named "members (contacts) of the Group (of contacts)".

    But i can only choose from 1 side.

    Is this by design, or did i something wrong?
    .. or do i have to use Manual n:n? .. but how? I already have difficulties, understanding the Manual n:n's, but doing a Manual n:n in the same entity ... this really sounds weired.

    Could anyone understand my Intention .. and can help me find the solution?

    many thx, Greets Pit

    Tuesday, March 4, 2014 2:09 PM

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  • anyone?

    Wednesday, March 5, 2014 11:29 PM
  • Hi P.bohn

    Because it is one entity only - Contact, you will see only one way.

    You can only create a "Group Members" subgrid on the Contact form. This subgrid will display Contact records (because of the N:N relationship you created).



    Friday, March 7, 2014 10:13 PM