VC/Desktop Sharing works via uctrial.com but not my server, anyone help please RRS feed

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    I have been testing the UCTrial the last few days via 2 clients behind seperate firewalls in different networks.  Both clients have access to internet via 443 and 80 but not much else.  When using the uctrial the clients can IM, VC and desktop share no problems, using a packet sniffer they seemt to try and communicate directly and then use the OCS server on the internet for VC and Desktop Sharing.  With this in mind I have build a R2 OCS 2007 standard server and a seperate Edge server.  I have configured using technet guides so its pretty much standard setup.  They are in the location which both clients can access via 443 in the same way they can access the uctrial box.

    When I test the same 2 clients the IM works find but both VC and Desktop sharing dont work.  When packet capturing it seems they try to talk directly and fail but dont try via the OCS server, at which poin they give up.

    Is there something I need to do to make them talk to the server and use 443.  The services on the edge server are using 443 and the 50000+ ports (not open on firewalls I dont think).

    hope this makes sense, thanks in advance for any help

    Monday, March 16, 2009 10:49 AM