NEED David Mark TTS VOICE they're already installed in w10!! i have attention and learning difficulties with the female voices RRS feed

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  • i have attention and learning difficulties, this isnt me simply being picky, is there any hope that microsoft will UNLOCK their wonderful mark and eva voices in a portable EXE file? the worst part is THEY ARE ALREADY IN w10!!!!  i tried the registry hack and could not believe how well i understood Mark/David (they say theyre the same voice) however on restart, windows 10  blocked the registry hack, i even deleted the keys and tried to reinstall, to no luck, these are supposed to ALREADY come in w10 however windows BLOCKS Mark/ David as well as Eva, i think i even tried downloading the language expansion and voice packs, but they keep dissappearing, this has happened on 2 computers now so this is something happening from microsoft and their updates because other ivonna voices are there, but Mark/ David is simply the best i literally grasp everything it says

    its embarrasingly sexist how microsoft will only include female voices in the new windows 10 discontinuing perfectly good male voices, funny how no one has an issue when its against men,  i simply can not stay alert with high pitched female voices, i can't believe they replaced David, Mark over that hideous Indian screetchy voice, it literally hurts to hear, this is not an issue of preferences, though our preferences should be respected, but because i simply cant follow up to female voices,

    Tuesday, September 1, 2015 4:34 AM