Request: Specific URL Information RRS feed

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  • I converted ab ASP-based site to .NET a couple years ago and there were some sites that linked to my contact page -- something like this:


    After the conversion to .NET I replaced the contact.asp file with one to generate a 301 permanent redirect to the new page --


    What I need from a webmaster toolkit is the ability to determine which sites are linking to my old ASP page.  Right now, I don't see any in the toolkit.  The old ASP page is listed as one of my Top 5 Pages (on Summary tab) but I thought all the inbound links to the ASP page had been updated.

    I'd like the ability to dig into a specifc URL (contact.asp) and have the webmaster toolkit tell me what URLs are driving traffic to this outdated page.  So I can fix it and you can improve your indexing.


    Tuesday, November 20, 2007 6:19 PM