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  • Here is the senario,  I have a HP Windows Home - Media Server,  right out of the box.  I purchased not realizing that MS had released it without the ability to connect to 64 Bit OS such as VIsta Ultimate 64 Bit.  Now I know about the "Power Pack" that was annoused at the CES last week for subsequent release later this spring.  Here is my issues I'm running only 64 bit native machines in my environment.  I appreciate some assistance and advice as to how to approach setting the server up once the "Power Pack is released. I reviewed the documenation and the set-up is split between installing the Server software on the client and then installing the connector to set-up the Server.   I however cannot connect to the Server as from what I read here and on other sites the current connectors will not work with a native 64 Bit system.  So MS you made this issues so how do you propose that it gets solved.  And please no PR here I'm a retired MS executive and I'm not looking for you to sell me on the "Experience" or special treatment as most of my colleages have or are getting ready to say goodbuy too,  Such as Jeff Raikes, great guy by the way.  Just provide with a solution!  Thanks

    Monday, January 14, 2008 6:16 PM

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