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  • I am using 8.1 Pro with Media Center.  I have two 8.1 Pro computers on a home network set up, both with media center installed.  I have a hard time getting one computer to allow access to the other after rebooting one or another computer. Even Media Center on my laptop will not see the prerecorded TV shows on the desktop, where the files are stored, via the network connection.  This is really annoying.  (The desktop, with the Media Center TV files on it, always functions fine on its own.)

    However, I have a shortcut on the laptop which looks at an Excel file I created on the desktop computer.  When I click on the shortcut it almost always succeeds in finding the Excel file on the desktop computer, which in turn makes the network available (suddenly) and all shared files become available using file Explorer and Media Center. This is peculiar - and repeatable ad nauseam.

    In all other ways the both the laptop computer and the desktop computer function normally.  Why is there this home network oddity do you think?  (Please do not suggest I try a number of arcane procedures.  I don't work for Microsoft!)  It would be nice to see a nice clear answer for once and then perhaps to a "Fixit" link.


    Sunday, September 25, 2016 2:49 PM