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  • We have an geographically dispersed organization with users in different sites in different countries, and we are planning for the use of Media Gateways. The documentation tells that you can either place a gateway at every site or you can use datacenters for several sites to use, or a combination. But what are the pros and cons for having a Media Gateway in every site?
    Friday, June 22, 2007 3:04 PM


  • Kari-Anne,


    It's hard to make a fair determination of what the Pros and Cons will actually be for your VOIP deplyment with so little information that is available. So I will provide your general question with a general answer. Some of the conditions that I have described below may not be applicable toward your circumstance, but I thought I should mention them.



    Available staff - knowlegable personnel - local hiring practices - you will need to have personnel at each site that will be able to support your VOIP network and call routing to your local PSTN gatway 


    Time zone difference considerations - a technical issue occurs at a location that is several time zones away from the needed  vendor support locations


    Will there be localized vendor support for your media gateway hardware - localized vendor support can provide you with onsite personnel for the support of your IP / PSTN gateway. This will add to the benefit of a service level agreement with your gateway vendor


    Communicating with technical staff in a variety of languages - the interpretation of technical documentation and support calls could become a consideration for the purchasing of the Media Gateway in different countries. This could lead to addtional personnel traning and addtional equipment costs.



    Regionally supported protocls for communication with the local PSTN - this will become a matter that has to be researched on a country by country basis


    Regional phone services carrier license - researching any local legislation that sutains the need for a type of license may be needed. Taxation on a per coutry basis may be a reality also.


    Need for localized attorney to assist with the local adminstration of legal technicalities - to be able to reorganize - renegotiate local contracts with goverment and PSTN vendors as laws and protocols change




    Implementing gateway hardware from the same vendor - can the same equipment be used at all locations and will worldwide technical support be an issue - language barriers





    The overall cost of a worldwide telephone network for your organization




    If your deployment is going to be to several small branch offices then the cost of equipment will be relatively inexpensive. In this type of deployment purchasing equipment from local vendors that can provide a adequate service level agreement willl be appreciated.



    If you need some more information then please provide me with some more details.





    Mike Adkins  OCS - beta support team

    Sunday, June 24, 2007 11:23 PM