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    I'm absolutely sure I'm posting this to the wrong forum, but I just couldn't figure out where this question belonged. Please point me in the right direction so I can ask the right target audience for advice.

    In our development office, we have three development computers. With a common project we all work on, only one of the computers is able to successfully publish the project whereas the other two can't.

    When trying to publish the project to our production server via the "Publish <projectname>" button, it hangs up, or freezes, or gets stuck on teh same folder everytime, the images folder. There are NO error messages, it will just stay publishing the images folder for as long as I get tired and close down visual studio in order to cancel the publishing action.

    I have not been able to find any consistent advice on how to troubleshoot this issue. It's the same project accessed via source safe, so I doubt it's a corrupt file if one of the computers is able to publish successfully? If it is a corrupt file, how do I track which one it is? "Fiddler" does not monitor ftp, so thats out of the question. Is it because the two computers aren't as fast as the other one, so they hang when trying to publish the the heavier folders like the images folder to ftp? Either way, because I don't know for sure what is causing the issue, does anyone have any recommended ways to troubleshoot the publishing process?

    Any help is appreciated, Thanks,


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  • Are you publishing a WinForm/WPF application via ClickOnce, or a web site?

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