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  • We are using the new SLA engine to manage KPI reporting on cases, we have a two-part SLA rule for "First Response" and "Resolve By" with our default SLA being bound to the "Created On" date as the base measuring point.

    However, I have an interesting problem in that I need to add some additional time to the SLA rules applied to cases that allows a case to readjust its "Resolve By" value. If we adjust the "Resolve By" date the case timers automatically calculate the remaining time available.

    Unfortunately this doesn't have an impact on the SLA rules because they are set at the time the workflow is applied to the case (like all workflows) and the SLA engine is no different.

    To add the additional time to the case, rather than binding the SLA to the "Created On" date field, I believe creating a new "SLA Start Date" field and binding to that instead will give me more control of the value to set a new base date. I could then add more time to this date when conditions are met (something I could not do with the "Created On" date.

    That solves my date adjustment issue, but to make this work I need to cancel and re-spawn the SLA workflow rules. so the conditions can be re-applied with the new adjusted base date.

    I initially though this wasn't possible, but then I notice that when Part 1 of the SLA engine is met Microsoft cancel the Part1 and Part2 of the SLA workflow rules and re-spawns Part2 only.

    So my question (after my rambling) is how are they doing this and can I simulate this process myself?
    Why does the Part2 SLA rule get cancelled and reapplied just because part1 is complete?

    Ideally I would like to reapply the SLA workflow rule case-by-case once I've adjusted the start date is it possible?

    And advice gratefully received.


    Saturday, March 14, 2015 1:48 PM


  • Feedback for the community.

    It seems my issue is a non-issue as the default behaviour of CRM has solved my problem. By creating an "SLA Start Date" field and defaulting it to the "Created On" date the SLA engine works as designed, but if I then decided to give the customers case an additional two days to resolve by adding two days to the "SLA Start Date" the "Resolve By Date" is automatically recalculate, but more importantly the SLA workflows (responsible for changing the SLA status values) are also spawned with the new rules.

    So unless there are any unknown negatives, this is job done?


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