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    What domain does the client query for auto sign in? Is it the domain that the computer is a member of or is it the SIP domain in the sign-in address?


    IE if my local network is shortdomain.com and my sip domain is longdomain.com which domain do I create my SRV record for? I have tried both, so I don't want to continue to troubleshoot down the wrong path.


    Also in one of the split DNS guides they indicate a servr FQDN that matches the the same domain as the SRV record can they be different? IE can I have a _sipinternaltls._tcp.shortdomain.com that points to server.differentdomain.com ?

    Monday, November 3, 2008 10:57 PM

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  • The domain in the sign-in address is used.  This article covers the process in a bit of detail:



    In your example the SRV record would use the longdomain.com, otherwise know as your SIP domain.


    Finally, the server name in your DNS A record must be the same exact hostname as what the SRV record points to, so no you cannot use the server.differentdomain.com.  You should create a set of SRV and A records for each SIP domain you need to support.  In this case the SAN field on the Access Edge's certificate would need to include all the different FQDNs you'd need for the various SIP domains.


    But if you're shrotdomain.com is simply your internal AD namespace and is not defined as a SIP domain then there is no need to reference it in the configuration at all.

    Monday, November 3, 2008 11:23 PM