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  • I was glad to see new SqlSyncProvider and SqlCeSyncProvider in SyncFx v2 CTP2, but I now feel disappointed about it – one common scenario is missed out: Server – Client Agent – Clients.

    Basically, Client Agent is a central point to collect the changes made by multiple Clients, and then sync back to Server. You may say Collaborative Synchronization can handle this scenario, but it overkilled*. In this scenario, Client Agent needs to track what are changes, but not who make the changes.

    If you don’t understand the the Server – Client Agent – Clients scenario, please think about two steps client-server sync scenario.

    SqlCeClientSyncProvider can be very easy t be enhanced to support this scenario by adding a property to control whether synchronization populates the change tracking information or not. I hope this enhancement will be available in v2 final release.

    Currently, I can wrap a DbServerSyncProvider, and then sync two SQL CEs over WCF (N-tier), but I need to create a workaround to populate change tracking information for Client Agent.


    * Collaborative Synchronization doesn't support SQL Server Change Tracking. Custom tracking tables, triggers, stored procedures are created. Yes, this reduced the coding effort, but doubt if it works well with filtering with JOIN queries. I am also not sure how can I change SQL CE note with change tracking - manual process would be painful. I understand Collaborative Synchronization they are designed for complicated collaborative synchronization senarios - I reckon it supports this senario: A sync with B; B sync with C; when A sync with C, the changes made by B are not be sent though, as C has got them from B. Server – Client Agent – Clients is a simplified collaborative scenario.

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