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  • I'd like to provide some feedback to MS on their implementation of Git and Github support in Visual Studio, where is the best place to do this?

    Specifically I still see no support for a "push to" capability (or a "pull from"). This is part of a workflow we use when using forks in Github, we use SmartGit as our GUI (but developers would like to use VS more and more).

    Our worklfow is that our local branches track a branch in a "principal" repo (the repo from which we all create our forks).

    So when we "pull" we are pulling commits that have been merged into that repo (by pull requests submitted by the team that merge from their forks) however when we periodically want to push we do NOT want to push to the tracked branch (in fact we cannot, it is disabled) instead we want to push to our "fork" and SmartGit lets us do this because it offers a "push to" command (that lets us pick the fork from a dropdown of remotes).

    VS seems to hinge all push/pull commands against the tracked branch's repo with no option to bypass this - either I'm not aware of VS supporting this or it really doesn't support it.

    Ideally we should be able to define what "push" and "pull" do - then we could define "push" as pushing to the desired branch in our fork and "pull" as pulling from the desired branch in the principal (main) repo.

    By the way we use these names "principal" and "fork" for remotes to avoid the unclear names "upstream" and "origin" - this is just a remote naming convention of ours, nothing more.


    Hmmm, I may be wrong here - I've not actually used VS 2017 Git support much at all and looking at it just now with someone else here seems to show that we can do a "push to" by clicking the tiny arrow head (next to "Push") we can select the remote we want to push to - i.e. "fork" in our case.

    However (and this is minor) the commits are still listed locally as unpushed commits, no doubt because VS is looking at the tracked repo (which is "principal" not "fork") when it decides which commits are not yet pushed.

    Tuesday, March 26, 2019 2:14 PM

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  • Hi Kernel,

    Welcome to MSDN forum.

    According to your description, we suggest that you could go to Contact GitHub site to provide your feedback about GitHub extension for visual studio.

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    Wednesday, March 27, 2019 3:11 AM