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  • Hello all,

    I have a custom built Home Server using a new 2nd Gen Core i5 CPU and H67 chipset motherboard with a 320GB sys drive and 4 1TB WD 'Green' drives.  The server has almost 2 months of continuous uptime until 2 nights ago, I believe, the H67 (Cougar Point) chipset SATA issue presented itself.  For those not familiar, the P/H67 chipset issue involved the four SATA2 ports built-in to the chipset.  The 2 SATA3 ports are unaffected.  My system drive was on a SATA3 port, the four data drives had to be on the 'suspect' SATA2 ports.  Reports were that the SATA interface would degrade to a point where the drive drops off the bus, but "shouldn't" affect data on the drive. 

    In the Server Storage tab of the Connector interface, at first, a single drive dropped out of the pool and was flagged 'removed'.  After a reboot, the drive rejoined the pool and everything seemed fine.  The next day while I was at work (accessed the system remotely in the morning, lost access in the afternoon) 2 drives apparently dropped out of the pool.  This time, the drives were flagged 'not added', but add or repair drive options were greyed out.  I also see the 'calculating space' endlessly cycling.  All 4 drives appear to now be connected with data intact, but the 2 'lost' drives aren't reflected in the C:\fs mapping.  My pool is still shown as D:, but now the four drives also are assigned F:, G:, H:, I:.  It wasn't like this before the issue.  If I physically disconnect the drives, they do revert to 'missing' in the Server Storage tab, but reconnecting them returns them to 'Not Added'.  Also, after logging in, Windows Error reporting dialog boxes started reporting that the 'Presentation' functionality and something simply described as 'Windows Operating System (tm)' as having errors.  Other research seems to suggest something with the DEmigrator.exe Service.  This service is set to 'manual', but will not start when I try.

    I'm trying to avoid simply doing a 'Server Reinstall' from the DVD to avoid any activation headaches.  I've had to 'Server Reinstall' a couple times before getting things (until recently) stable and don't want to flirt with any unknown limit.  I guess its also something I feel the software should recover from.  If its this fragile when the interface drops the ball, my confidence goes down when something that should really risk the data (like a 'real' drive failure) comes along...

    Is there a set procedure to 'reintroduce' the drives to the pool?  If I wanted to remove the lost drives and manually slosh their unique data back to the 'good' drives in the pool, the connector software doesn't seem to let me do even that.  I'm leaning towards the Server Reinstall... but would like to get a better understanding if anyone can help.  It just hurts a little more since the replacement H67 boards just hit the local Micro Center 3 days ago :P  I feel this could have been avoided :)

    Thank in advance!


    Thursday, March 31, 2011 3:33 PM