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  • I modified the sample WebSharingAppDemo to use Sql Express 08 with the help of SqlSyncProvider .

    At initial synchronization it has created schema and downloaded server records but it is not recognizing order_details table changes on client. It's working well for Orders table. Any guess? [I assume we don't need to set SelectXXX, ApplyXXX commands here]

    In addition to this, I would like to know - how does the framework has replaced anchors table in earlier version with the scope tables at both the ends? Or in other words I am interested in understanding change tracking objects in CTP2.
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    Tuesday, September 15, 2009 2:54 PM


  • 1. Check if you added order_details table to Scope Description.
    2. If that doesnt solve the problem, can you write in detail about the changes you made?

    Sync Fx v2.0 CTP 2 supports two different scenarios.
    1. Offline scenarios - DbServerSyncProvider and SqlCeClientSyncProvider support offline scenarios. uses anchor tables for change tracking
    2. Collaboration scenarios - SqlSyncProvider, SqlCeSyncProvider, and DbSyncProvider support collaboration scenarios. Uses Scope Tables for change tracking. SqlSyncProvider and SqlCeSyncProvider are used, respectively, to synchronize SQL Server and SQL Server Compact databases. DbSyncProvider is typically used to synchronize non-SQL Server databases.

    Gayathri TK
    Wednesday, September 16, 2009 9:35 PM