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  • Your able to stretch a little bit deeper going a little farther this is also a really great stretch to-do in the bathtub here sitting in a tub full warm water and it warms up your muscle tissue and improves your mass circulation so it makes it easier to stretch so you can really just say in bathtub with your legs extended in front view just gently fold your Somatodrol body forwarding you can stay here for a nice long time it feels really nice and this really great stretch for people that have a low back problems there's a lot of times tension in your low back can be a result tightness in your hand streams say your hands trains are pulling on your pelvis and kind of throws everything out of whack and yellow backing up your spine says stretching your hands trains on regular basis will help the Lincoln out that muscle tissue and relieve tension along your low back services really nice really good .


    Thursday, July 10, 2014 3:27 AM