Excel spreadsheet on MSN(one drive) and Outlook 365 online, "embass code" RRS feed

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  • Dear Experts,

      First apology for my English and second, might be wrong place....

    I have one spreadsheet, I uploaded it to msn account on "one drive" , and i shared this spreadsheet with 

    "embed code" option and i got this code to work it onto my personal website and everything working fine on my site!!

    These are my questions:

    I-With MSN Account

       1-When i go to my website, i got what i want from sharing this sheet, but one thing that i want to do is,

    How can i take the taskbar that containing some icons related "Microsoft" , "tell Microsoft" ,"Information about this workbook", "ViewFull Size workbook" . You can see in the attached picture that i got from my site..

    2- I have also my personal calendar on MSN account

    How can i share this calendar by embed code?, i didn't see embed code option on msn calendar.

    II-Microsoft 365 online

    We are using Microsoft 365 online that we can access our e mail through "outlook desktop" application nor "online e mail".

    With 365 online, after i log on, I saw everything seems most the same MSN account related

    "one drive", "calendar","people' , "excel online" ect..

    This is what i have tried to do with outlook 365 online.

    I want to move the spreadsheet from msn account to outlook 365 account and tired to share this spreadsheet by "embed code", but in outlook 365 online, i didn't see option that allow me to share through that, unlike the msn did..

    Please see the captured related each accounts

    Could you help me with this?

    Best regards,


    Wednesday, January 21, 2015 8:26 PM