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  • I was changing the placement for my user folders in vista to their respective folders on my secondary harddrive (want them to be off the system disk) when I accidentally changed the directory of the "documents" folder to E:\ (the secondary harddrive). Now the harddrive itself is listed as a user folder, with the "placement" tab in settings and everything, and (surprise surprise) I can not change its placement through that.

    Anyone know how I can delete that entry, make another entry for docs, change its position and keep it in the user folder folder?

    And how are those folders organised anyway? Is it a DLL somewhere?

    If you know the solution and feel like helping me, please send your answer to my email:

    It will be easier for me to see it then, compared to in the topic.

    In advance
    Thank you.
    Friday, November 21, 2008 6:37 PM

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