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    I had MS OneCare installed on three laptops, it took a while but eventually everything appeared to work. This is one difficult program to work with and quite frankly I wish I had stayed with Norton. After a few weeks it wouldn't load on one computer, not the hub. I got a message saying the program had encountered an error and would shut down.Do you want to send an error report?

    I removed the progam and used OneCareCleanup.exe. I tried to reload from the CD and the OneCare website. Same error message. I used FixCompleteInst.exe. Same error message.


    I got a canned response from the MS Onecare help website

    Help: I'm sorry, it's hard for me to understand long questions like that. Please ask again using as few words as necessary. Also, it helps if you only type one question or topic at a time. 

    I can't reach people, only canned responses. Out of frustration (like so many MS Onecare users, I sent the following message:  Why can't Microsoft afford to answer these questions with people, Bill Gates is giving hundreds of millions to charity in sick countries, He should spend his money on fixing his sick company.


    This will never happen, so has anyone any ideas I am an engineer and computer savy, this is the first computer problem in my life I have not able to fix by simply using logic.



    Sunday, March 23, 2008 3:22 AM


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