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  • Hi,

    I know this is not totally on topic but have a need/want to create a plug-in over the weekend so I can challenge myself but also surprise those that would not be expecting it.....I have a test system I can practice and test on.....

    ...I have been given loads of information by Phil Edry and others on this forum....but if I am going to get this done I need some guidance on the Start to finish process....

    I am not yet what you would call a developer, but am in the deepend and can learn quick (especially through this forum) and I am in the starting phases of learning VS.....

    ...So what you need to know to help me is that I Have VS2010 Pro, Access to a CRM 4 On Premise test system, have basic JavaScript skills and a JS Development environment, have a good understanding of the CRM Architecure (Relative), have a sound understanding of our business needs and can learn relatively quick

    The plugin I want to create is one that can run automically when certain address fields on a contact change or get changes later on, I have already exhausted the Workflow route with Phil and now need to make this a plug-in or get the workflow I have made (and works) to automatically by using JS to trcigger the workflow......I know this sounds like a big ask,  but if I could be pointed in the right direction/path that would be great...

    ...So, what do I do first, then second, what code do I use C#, what do I do after that and how do I instlal the plugin to test it?

    ...I have the whole weekend to get this done, starting from Friday Night (Tonight NZT)


    Cheers and regards Rossco
    Thursday, August 26, 2010 8:52 PM


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