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  • I have Microsoft Streets & Trips 2007. I want to install it on a USB drive so that I can use it on two computers. The licence agreement says that I can only have it installed on one device at a time, and a USB drive is a device. It would be within the licence agreement to uninstall it from one computer and reinstall it on another, so I think this would be fine; it's just a way of speeding up the process. I think the reason behind the rule is so that I don't give it to a friend or have my family use it for two road trips at the same time or something. I'm not going to use it on more than one computer at once, so I don't see an issue, but it is questionable, since this isn't specifically mentioned. Sorry to have to post this here; you guys probably don't know how Microsoft's licence agreements work. But I contacted Microsoft, and after giving me the bureaucratic run-around, they sent me here. They also told me that Streets & Trips 2007 is obsolete - if this is the case, is the licence also obsolete, and do I need to worry about it at all?
    Thursday, May 2, 2013 1:30 PM

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  • I think that is a bit cheeky if Microsoft customer service sent you here!  These forums are operated by Microsoft, but almost all of the people who are answering questions are third parties or fellow users! So we cannot give legal opinions on Microsoft's OWN terms and conditions!

    Yes 2007 is obsolete. Its maps will be about 6 years older than those in Streets&Trips 2013 (which was released in the second half of last year). The license should still work, but you're not going to get much help from Microsoft if it does not.

    I Am NOT a lawyer, and I cannot speak for Microsoft's EULA, but I do not believe your interpretation of 'device' is the same as what they intended. They were almost certainly intending computer, laptop, net book, suitable-tablet,etc. However, if you look in the EULA there is often a clause that lets you use the packages on a desktop or a laptop type of arrangement - but it would be the same user and you are only using one at a time.

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