USB HID Headset show yellow mark sometimes RRS feed

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  • We found a weird issue about USB HID headset device.

    Starting from Windows 10 1809(1903/1909 included), USB HID headset may show yellow mark sometimes, especially when system is unexpected shutdown at last time, e.g. reset button, press power button over 4 seconds, AC adaptor detach when windows is running. After that, Windows may spend a long time (about 1~2 minutes longer) when next power up, and all USB devices(KB/MS) could also not be available at that time. Then, everything goes normal except USB HID headset, it shows a yellow bang in device manager.  Windows 1803 and earlier editions does not have this issue. Verified device list : Jabra Speak 710,  (Pltantronics)C5220, Yealink cp700.

    Friday, March 6, 2020 8:10 AM


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