At first One Care Was Great! It Continues to DECLINE I'm NOT RENEWING.................... RRS feed

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    I ran the beta, I loved One Care. It has continued to get worse and worse.  Slower And Slower. MY GOD IT's SLOW.

    I continually loose my data. Every back up I have is either corrupt, or It can't find it. Rediculous, Because the back up is on an external drive. I can open the drive see the backup, but ity's useless.  I don't want to know anything, I am discusted with the hours I spend reformatting, depending on the fact that, Oh I have a back up. WRONG. The only thing I can Really depend on is I can COUNT ON ONE CARE NOT BEING ABLE TO USE THE BACK UPS IT CREATES.


     I'm Sick of it!   Any of you out there new to this piece of ***. Well DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY IT SUCKS!

    Friday, February 15, 2008 10:35 PM