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  • [I have to let off steam somewhere, and this is the closest I can get to an appropriate forum. Barbara once wrote that they were working closely with the WLSC people, although I can't find the reference at the moment.]

    The quality of input by moderators in WLSC is often abysmal:

    • Most of them neither understand nor write English to an acceptable standard. Given that many of the posters are not native English speakers, the danger of misunderstanding is patent;
    • Few of them have any in-depth experience of the product they are supporting, at least in those forums I frequent;
    • 'Answers' that they give are often excessively aggressive, misleading or just plain wrong. On those occasions when I have pointed out that an answer is wrong, I have been 'escalated' and a 'senior support analyst' has agreed with me. However, this is concealed from other users through the 'escalation' process and the wrong answer remains, still marked as 'answer';
    • They habitually mark their own posts as 'answers' even though all they have done is point to a procedure which may have worked for some users sometime, but with no guarantee that it will work in any particular situation. This makes a complete mockery of the (crippled to start with) search function;
    • They move threads and posts from forum to forum with little regard to the consequences. A poster in Forum A who returns the following day to look for responses is left completely high and dry if his post has been moved to Forum B, unless he happened to be the thread starter. There is no way to search the forums by user. And Forum B is in many cases just as inappropriate as Forum A.
    • Any problem requiring more than a canned solution or a response of the 'Tools > Options' variety is escalated; this renders the rest of the dialogue invisible to other users who might be in the same situation, and any such 'secret' stuff is excluded from Search (along with 98% of the rest of the site content, but that's another post's worth).
    • Users with problems that only moderators can deal with (e.g. resetting mail accounts at the server) are often left waiting days, weeks and even months for an answer.
    • In their striving for statistics, posts made months ago and clearly abandoned but still unanswered are resurrected with a possible solution or a move, and then marked as answered.
    • Moderators have been advocating 'upgrading' to beta versions with no indication of the risks involved in so doing. They were also several days late picking up the fact that a new version of the Live Essentials suite had been released (a couple of months ago) and were still recommending updates to the old version which was no longer available. 

    There is probably more I could complain about, but my general impression is that Microsoft is doing itself an enormous disservice by employing such incompetent support staff. Admittedly, the chaotic organization, flawed working and general unreliability of the whole site doesn't make their job any easier. But to my mind they don't deserve to be paid more than I am for their contribution to the forums.

    I should point out that some of the moderators render sterling service; they're not the ones I'm referring to. But the average contribution is unacceptable.

    Is there any pressure anyone here can bring to bear to improve this situation?


    Sunday, July 18, 2010 6:57 PM

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  • Just in case anyone at all is interested in what I wrote, here's a good example of the sort of thing that infuriates me:

    It's verging on the criminal to propose a complete uninstallation of a totally unrelated application - including deleting registry keys - in order to correct a nuisance caused by an inappropriate option selection in Internet Explorer.

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    Tuesday, July 20, 2010 10:14 AM
  • ok.  i looked.  it advises to wipe WLM per the link

    actually, there are some funny things in there, if you go for that kind of humor.


    like   The latest version is [insert version here].

    and   Please try to follow the one that is applicable.

    yes, do please try to follow it.    and how about that page it links to next?  just in case you were not yet worried.

    Important Note: As long as the following instructions are done accurately, this should not adversely affect your computer and installed programs.


    confidence builders.

    Tuesday, July 20, 2010 11:14 AM