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  • Hi,


    wondering if anyone can help with my issue? i have placed a website on my WHS. i need to connect to it through port 80 and normal http:// but it wont let me. the only way i can connect externally is through https:// which gives me slight problems as my website i want to use has a backend .mdb database which is called automatically from my laptop when i am away ( i have an activeX midule that calls an automation service ). this doesn't seem to work through https:// as the certificate is stalling the connection. i have tried changing my port settings in IIS to 80 and removing 443 from the properties but still nothing. so far-


    i have checked with th ISP and port 80 is not blocked

    i have opened 80 on the firewall

    i have opened 81 on the firewall

    i have opened 443 on the firewall

    i have port forward the router to 80,81 & 443


    supposedly, i can host more than 1 website. i wanted to keep my WHS site runnig on https://myip/home and my other website on http://myip/othersite


    how can i do this? am i missing something fundemental?


    many thanks,



    Wednesday, June 25, 2008 11:08 PM

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  • You might want to check if your ISP blocks port 80. Can you get to the default WHS remote access page if you go to http://<hostname>.homeserver.com from a remote location? Can you access the remote access page locally? If you can access it locally but not remotely, your ISP probably blocks the port.


    Also, did you add the web site directly through IIS or did you use an add-in like Whiist?

    If you added it directly to IIS, delete the web site you created and add a new virtual directory to the Default web site. You should be able to access the virtual directory from http://ipaddress/virtual_directory


    Edited to add:


    You can also use host header names to set up multiple websites, as brubber mentioned below.

    Go here for details on how to configure it:


    Thursday, June 26, 2008 6:31 AM
  • When you want to run multiple different websites on a single IP best thing to do would be to use host headers. There's also multiple threads on this subject on this forum.


    Alternatively you can make the second "website" a page in our WHS website, which is effectively what you do when use http://yourhomeserver.com/home and http://yourhomeserver.com/otherwebsite .


    If you're having problems with port 80 please first ask if your ISP is blocking that port. If yes, there's multiple threads on changing the ports on this forum. A detailed tutorial can also be found at Changing the web server ports in your HP MediaSmart server

    Thursday, June 26, 2008 7:16 AM
  • Hi,


    i checked with my ISP provider and port 80 is not blocked. i cannot connet to my server remotely using http://myip/home but i can if i use https://


    in the IIS settings, there are 2 websites.


    Default Web site

    which is the main home page for the standard WHS site. this is set at port 81 and ssl 443. in the site are virtual sites for remote, login etc which is what you can be directed through on the WHS website.


    WHS Site

    i work this out to be the internal console page because if i stop it, i cannot connect to the console. this is on port 55000 and ssl 56000


    i have tried various ways.


    i can use Whiist which will add a virtual site to the Default Web site but i can only the connect via https://myip/mywhiistsite


    i have also looked at adding a new website in the IIS Web sites folder but i need to set up host headers.


    i even changed the folder location in the default Web site to a different site but i couldnt connect.


    i changed the default web site ports to 80 and ssl blank but i still could not connect.


    would i be better re-locating the whole website server file and creating a new website from scratch?


    it all reads very simple.


    goto http://myip/mysite should take me to my site

    https://myip/remote should take me to my remote login page.


    i thought about deleting the default website from IIS, creating a new site and adding the remote page as a virtual website under http://. would this work?


    my router is set up to port forward and the ports are open on the servers firewall so im puzzled?



    many thanks,




    Thursday, June 26, 2008 9:42 AM
  •  Nigelshaw wrote:

    Default Web site

    which is the main home page for the standard WHS site. this is set at port 81 and ssl 443. in the site are virtual sites for remote, login etc which is what you can be directed through on the WHS website.

    If you want to connect using http://blaba you should use port 80 here!!! If you set it to port 81 you have to use http://blabla:81 to connect


     Nigelshaw wrote:
    i changed the default web site ports to 80 and ssl blank but i still could not connect.

    Why blank SSL port? Keep it at 443, it's required for remote logon


     Nigelshaw wrote:
    my router is set up to port forward and the ports are open on the servers firewall so im puzzled?

    Probably you are somewhat puzzled at the moment. Please start with reading Changing the web server ports in your HP MediaSmart server, Remote Access and Problems accessing WHS Web Interface. Ports 80 and 443 Blocked?. If you understand it all then start with the host headers parts

    Thursday, June 26, 2008 10:05 AM
  • Hi,


    fatal error!!! i had a "tech guy" help me and accidentally deleted my default web site....... i still have my WHS site though. i have tried re-creating the site but something just isnt right. i also with to Tasks/restore but the initial backup errors with "invalid signature"


    can the original settings be recovered? there is no back up of the default web site.


    if i un-install the iis through add/remove components, will it start again with the original settings?


    i can start a new webiste (from file) if i had an original default web site Xml file. are these located anywhere?






    Friday, June 27, 2008 12:13 PM
  • You could try:


    1. RDP into WHS

    2. Control Panel, Add or Remove Programs

    3. Uninstall all items starting with "Windows Home Server Remote Access"

    4. Open explore window, browse to C:\WHS

    5. Install (execute) all items starting with "umra"


    If this fails you probably have to do a server reinstall.

    Friday, June 27, 2008 1:07 PM
  • This is getting very confusing...


    i have manually re-build most of the default web site. home page and remote all works ok. when i connect to the remote, i do not get the console. i get the desktop of the server!


    Also, i have lost the https:// completely even though i have set the ports as 81 & 443.


    i did have an idea though but it would take a very kind person to help Smile


    if you right click on your default website ( standard WHS site with identifer as 1 ), there is an option to save configuration to disk.

    if this configuration was saved and posted, it can then be imported as a default web site. no information is transferred as all of the WHS sites anre the same. they are only links to the files in inetpub and child files.


    if someone could do that for me, that would be perfect. hopefully, someone can.


    many thanks,




    Saturday, June 28, 2008 12:18 AM
  • Nigel, at this point I believe you have multiple issues with your remote access sites and possibly the console. Rather than poke around trying to fix them piecemeal with (really) only a moderate likelihood of success, your best course of action at this point is a server reinstallation (if you installed the software yourself) or a server recovery (if you have an HP or other OEM unit). You will lose your server customizations such as installed programs, add-ins, etc. but will keep the files in your shares.

    Once you've done that, for future experimentation I would recommend you install the evaluation version of Windows Home Server (available for download from Connect, once you've registered with Connect and signed up for the WHS beta program) in a virtual machine. It installs easily into Virtual PC 2007, which is what I use, but there are a number of other virtualization tools that also work. You can experiment there with your application until you're sure you've got it right, then migrate the knowledge you've gained to your physical hardware.
    Saturday, June 28, 2008 1:46 PM
  • Hi,


    having looked over this all wekend, i am happy to accept that a re-installation may be required though i do think it is a little extreme to have to re-install the complete OS for such a small problem.


    i am ok with computers and have previously installed XP & Vista but i am unsure how i would do this to my server as they come without a drive. i figured that if i did this remotely, i would lose my connection and then i dont know what happens.


    how do you recover / re-install a homeserver that does not have a physical dvd drive? i hace the dvd server disc that shipped with my server. the suppler does sell a usb dongle hat plugs in but it is more expensive than the server itself. the server is set up to boot on usb so could i create an image onto my own dongle and go that way?







    Monday, June 30, 2008 9:47 AM
  • If you have a 2GB USB memory stick and your motherboard supports booting from USB, you can follow the steps given here:




    Monday, June 30, 2008 12:34 PM
  • Nigel,

    you could just purchase a cheap USB DVD drive, it will always come in useful!

    Also, if you read the documentation available, it really is no big deal doing a server Re-Installation. Note it's a 're-install' you want, not an install. The re-install just wipes the system partition, installs WHS itself, and keeps all your backups and data etc. The only thing you have to do, is re-add your Clients and any Add-Ins/customisations that you may have done. Note that as it rebuilds all the tombstones for your existing data, it can appear that it's 'stuck', it isn't, it just takes quite some time to complete.




    Monday, June 30, 2008 4:43 PM