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    Welcome to the Achieving Interoperability though Standards Forum! 


    Freedom of choice. Ease of integration. The confidence that regardless of which best-of-breed software is chosen, it just works in the existing heterogeneous infrastructures. Customers are demanding it and vendors are working hard to deliver it.


    No single company – customer, vendor, or integrator – can address these interoperability challenges on its own. Open communication, ongoing dialogue and collaboration are critical to address needs and to identify solutions. 


    In today’s connected world, interoperability is as important as security and reliability for IT professionals. This is due to an increase in technical heterogeneity that drives more complexity within, and on the edge of, their IT infrastructures. This leads to a greater demand for data and information integration as organizations seek to optimize process performance.


    The Achieving Interoperability through Standards Forum is an open engagement to discuss the development of industry standards, implementations, and related challenges.


    Interoperability standards have been a critical factor in the sustained growth of the information technology industry and interoperability is best achieved through a balanced approach that includes standards, products, community, and access to intellectual property. Individuals, corporations, academics, and governments have benefited from the sustained investment contributors, participants, and implementers have made to hundreds of standards organizations.


    On this forum, moderators will address questions and respond to requests for information and, as appropriate, bring in experts to join the dialogue. We ask that participants be respectful of all postings to keep discussions meaningful and productive. Please note that it is not appropriate to discuss anyone’s future product plans in this forum.


    Thank you for your interest in improving Interoperability through Standards!



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    Wednesday, March 19, 2008 6:37 PM