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    A small introduction about myself. 26 years old. Full time employee. Who loves to play Age of empires 2 in free time. However, as I love to play AOE 2. I love to play it with the only mouse "Microsoft Wheel Mouse Optical 1.1a". I have tried several different both expensive and inexpensive gaming mice. However, none have satisfied me. While I play game. 

    But, with the passage of time as the technology is improving everyday. This mouse is getting old, technology wise and is no more compatible at-least in competitive gaming due to outdated sensor and mouse buttons. If I'm not wrong recently Microsoft has remade their old classic mouse "Intelli mouse 3.0". Same mouse but, better sensor, with 1000 hz polling rate and omron switches. I want to request Microsoft to please make a remake of WMO 1.1a as well with better sensor, 1000 hz polling rate and omron swtiches rest will remain the same shape, size and weight perhaps the material as well. I know, I have voiced a concern which is just like touching a nerve of countless gamers who still use WMO 1.1a. After using so many other mice.

    I have given words to the thoughts of mass audience who still uses this mouse. It is a request to Microsoft Engineers to please pay heed to this Ernest request. If remake "Intelli mouse 3.0" Then Why not remake "WMO 1.1a"?


    Thursday, October 3, 2019 12:08 AM