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  • I have a parent table and a child table.

    Parent Table: int AID, nvarchar parentname, nvarchar description

    Child Table: int CID, int AID, nvarchar childname, nvarchar address

    Child table has got a foreign key(AID) from parent table. I need to display the list of Child table in view page. I'm new to asp.net mvc and the problem is, I'm not able to get the parentname to be displayed along with the childtable.

    As we have foreign key, it should be possible to get the parentname using AID. Can anybody sort it out using some simple example. I'm struggling with this for the last 7hours.

    Consider the Parent table to be an account and child to be a list of contacts associated with the account.

    Parent Table => PID,PName, PAddress
    Child Table => CID,PID,CName,CAddress

    Output Table => PName,CName,CAddress


    public ActionResult list()
    var listing = db.child.FindContact().ToList();
    return view(listing);

    View snippet(.aspx):

    <%: foreach(var a in Model) %>
    <%: a.PName %>
    <%: a.CName %>
    <%: a.CAddress %>


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