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  • Hi - First time poster, so I am not sure that I am in the correct place but I was hoping to find some resolution to an ongoing Windows Media Player 11 streaming issue?


    I have DSL, with dedicated download speeds in excess of 3Mbps yet I get constant buffering issues when trying to view video streams using WMP 11.


    When I view statistics when playing files, I get the following readings ...

    • Best connection to experience viewing = 1,264kbps
    • Network/Internet Connection is = 3,000kbps
    • Connection currently being received is = 1,264kbps
    • The Protocol = RTSP (TCP)

    ..... Which infers that my connection speed is sufficient?  I have tried re-installing my player, replacing the filters on my DSL line, resetting my modem and changing the default buffering to 60 seconds yet nothing seems to resolve this issue?


    Any suggestions would be greatfully received?


    Thanks in advance,




    Tuesday, July 10, 2007 3:27 PM

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