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  • Setting up at home for our share house a WHS machine dedicated mainly to downloading in Uttorent.

    To facilitate this I've set Utorrent to automatically start downloading any .torrent file copied to a shared folder (D:\Shares\Torrent\Torrent Files\), move the downloading file to D:\Torrent and once completed move the file to D:\Shares\Torrent\.

    I want to use the webui so that housemates can check whats downloading and make changes from there. This I can do at the moment by typing in say guest@ but I can't expect my housemates to type that everytime. What I want is the ability to just type "homeserver" in the browser inside the LAN and it goto the address "guest@".

    My first idea was to use a 3rd party program (Bit of a generic "DHCP Server for Windows") that offers DHCP as well as DNS. I set the DHCP to list the WHS as the first DNS server, and in the DNS server section of the "DHCP Server for Windows" config put a line in saying "homeserver=guest@" in the hope then that DHCP client's could just enter "homeserver" and get "guest@". I disabled the World Wide Web service in WHS and did a netstat -a to check nothing was using port 80, nothing was but once the Utorrent Web UI was running on 80 it showed as used as expected. This did not work, and continued to show me the default WHS page both on the server and on the PCs on the LAN. At this point I couldn't take this further, as I don't understand how WHS hosts the webpage well enough.

    So I then tried to edit the "default.html" script that redirects ("document.location = 'home/default.aspx?gotodefault=true'") to read "document.location = 'http://guest@'". This as far as I know should set it to just redirect anything trying to access "homeserver" in a browser to the Utorrent Web UI. Instead it does nothing, and the PCs on the LAN continue to be directed to "http://homeserver/home/default.aspx?gotodefault=true" despite this line being changed in default.htm and the WHS being restarted.

    I then cleared the default.htm file, and setup just a page with a link straight to the webui (<a href = http://guest@>webui</a>) This works fine locally on the WHS, but again any LAN pc just gets directed to "http://homeserver/home/default.aspx?gotodefault=true" despite this line not appearing anywhere (the site is literally just <html>



    <a href = http://guest@>webui</a>



    At this point I've just given up, as as far as I know this should work, so obviously I don't know how the website shit works properly in WHS.


    If someone could tell me where I've gone wrong, or a way for my housemates to just type "homeserver" and just get the utorrent webui come up would be really great.

    Sunday, February 6, 2011 1:33 PM