An OP's "unmark as answer" should also un-propose. RRS feed

  • Question

  • Situation:

    Jim has posted a question (Jim = OP)

    Fred has replied.

    Alf has proposed Fred's reply as an answer.

    Mike (Moderator) has marked Fred's reply as an answer following up on Alf's proposal.


    Now Jim (OP) comes along and thinks that doesn't answer his question.

    Jim unmarks Fred's reply so it is no longer an answer.


    The problem is that Alf's proposal of Fred's post is still there. Hence the post is still marked as "proposed as answer" even though Jim (OP) has already said that it isn't and unmarked it.




    When an OP unmarks an answer, the reply is automatically unmarked as propose as answer (as well).



    Mike Walsh



    1. No threads still marked as proposed as answer that really don't contain the answer.

    2. The Moderator doesn't need to manually remove the 'propose as answer' in such cases.






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