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  • I do not own a Microsoft machine at this time. I did just post a question in MSDN forums. I am shopping for a Microsoft based OS laptop for photography work and business.

    The recent Microsoft based OS that I did purchase required hours of tech support to get running as a real world computer. And I took it back for a refund. And I am continuing the pursuit to purchase a Microsoft based OS for photography and business. The purchase only requires a lot of patience and internet time.

    With that past recent purchase I did set up a Microsoft account and did use that account info to access the Microsoft MSDN forums with a code being sent to a private e mail address provided by a private e mail business on the internet.

    So now the situation is a question as to I do not have a Microsoft based OS machine and I am accessing forums built with and maintenance by Microsoft Software forums and what is the correct methods to access Microsoft based forums in the future. Would it be the same miss match methods as I used to access in the first occurrence.

    And from the MSDN forums there is a link of which the page is lost in the back activities of the jungle of links and I cannot access that page without having to click the browser back action arrow, that particular page had a link to some where of which it did not actually go to where is stated but was redirected to some other page in Microsoft and if I am able I will try to cleanly log out.

    So the situation then goes into a request for more HTMl JAVASCRIPT software to create a history menu to be displayed on non Microsoft based Browsers on non Microsoft based OS Machines and a discussion posted at the front door of how to access Microsoft forums with a Microsoft account  without having a Microsoft based OS machine with the Microsoft software to display the Microsoft based data.

    And the browser wars go on along with the object model and such all that is in the frying pan with squarely lips and nat wings.

    Thank you.

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