My Fresh Website and synching images I place on it to my Windows Phone 7 App RRS feed

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  • I'm sorry if this is the incorrect forum for this -- I'm so overwhelmed I cannot think straight.


    I am completely new to this, so please bear with me.


    I bought a website domain, and I plan on placing images on it, much like an image blog.. say 5 new images are uploaded a day.

    I have a Windows Phone 7 app I'm working on, that I hope to code a way for the application to sync with my website, and retrieve these images from the website. These images would be populated in a listbox, with the most recently uploaded on top.


    However I have absolutely no idea how to do this. Every time I look at something, I get overwhelmed.

    Here is my thought process:

    1) I was thinking I have an FTP server on my website. I place my photos there. I go in and do this a few times a day.

    2) I need a way for the phone to call a webservice function to the site. I know I have 3 options: SOAP, HTTP, REST. Fine. I've seen a tutorial which uses the SOAP method, and I like it. However say my website url is: http://www.mywebsite.com.  Do I just point the phone to that url and hope for the best?

    3) The content will be hosted on my server. Not a cloud or Azure. That much was obvious :)

    4) How to code and retrieve the data. I obviously need to grab the photos back, but can this be accomplished via the methods: XML, JSON, RSS, ATOM? I saw a tutorial where JSON was the best compressed way of sending data (and thus bandwith friendly), but would I be able to pass the image name this way? Once passed, would I then have the phone application code decode it and direct the URI to it? Is this even advisable?


    5) To access the data, I have the options of Serialization, Linq to XML, Linq to JSON, Syndication. However, I have no clue about any of these.

    I would of course want the most recent uploaded picture at the top of the list.


    I know this is insanely broad, and quite honestly I hate having to ask this question. I'm a one man army in search of any guidance and advice just to get me started in the right direction.


    And as such, I appreciate any advice you can offer.

    Tuesday, July 12, 2011 11:29 PM


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