How to Force DsoFramer to open a new Excel instance or point DsoFramer to a specific Excel instance RRS feed

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  • Problem: User opens excel file, my program uses DsoFramer to host other Excel files. If user first opens an Excel file and then starts my program the Excel instance the user opened is still visible (great) but the user can't focus or edit "his" Excel instance untill my program has closed.
    If on the other hand the user starts my program first then he can happily open Excel files to his liking and he as well as my program operate as would be expected (user can swiitch between my program and user initiated Excel instance and freely edit etc.).

    I want the user to be able to have Excel open BEFORE my program starts and prevent my program from interfering with the user started Excel instance.

    As far as I understand the problem my program autom. hijacks an active Excel instance (grabs frist entry in ROT) if availible otherwise it creates a new Excel instance (which then is private to my program, if the user wants to open an Excel file he gets his own Excel instance working for him).

    - can I manually create new Excel instance and point DsoFramer to it?
    - how?
    - different soloution?

    XP, Office2003, VS2008Prof, c#, DsoFramer 1.3
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