Windows 7 x64 Restarting with Connector Installed RRS feed

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  • OK, I'm at a total loss here.  I am running Windows 7 x64 Ultimate and have the Connector software properly installed and apparently working.  I have disabled automatic updates for my PC and also have "wake this PC for backup" disabled.  However, it appears that around 3am (closer to 3:20) each night, if either WHS box (including one to which I have not even added my laptop and which does not show it in the Computers & Backup screen of the console) is running and my laptop is running, I will return to my laptop to a logon screen.  After typing in my credentials, my system proceeds to perform a strange type of restore that I've never seen before where all the programs I had left open are re-opened/restored back to their previous places (this is an imperfect restore with some programs loading and others not).  I can find no evidence of any backup having occurred, no event logs that signal what transpired, etc.  All that is clear is that once I uninstall the WHS Connector software, this issue ceases.  Again, this is happening both on WHS box where my laptop has been added but with backups and wake-up options disabled and a WHS box where my laptop has not ever been added!  Please, this is insane and perplexing, does anyone have any ideas of what might be happening here?  Oh, to be clear, both WHS boxes are completely up to date with PP3.  Neither is running any additional add-ins.  I can't say whether this is isolated to my system alone as I've not yet rolled out the Connector to any other systems on the network - a next step to be sure, but still very odd behavior.  Thanks for your help.
    Wednesday, September 29, 2010 12:25 PM