Inserting on line pictures into OneNote


  • I am using OneNote 2016 in my teaching role. I want to illustrate my OneNote pages with images from Creative Commons. When I use the 'Inset/Online images' select the image and 'Insert' I get a dialogue box 'sorry, we couldn't download the pictures you selected'. Neither can my colleagues nor our IT person know how to fix it. I am hoping there is someone in the Microsoft community who can offer me a fix? Cheers
    Saturday, March 25, 2017 4:27 AM


  • You have asked in the wrong forum. This forum is for questions and discussions about the TechNet Wiki. I believe you should ask your question in a Microsoft Answers/Community forum dedicated to OneNote, such as this one:

    Search for similar questions, or click on "Participate" and select "Ask a Question". The Answers/Community forums are on a different platform, so we cannot move this question there. You will need to ask your question again. Sorry.

    Richard Mueller - MVP Enterprise Mobility (Identity and Access)

    Saturday, March 25, 2017 2:44 PM